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BlitzRCworks Thundercat Super Fast RTF RC EDF JET Flight Review in HD! This is one FUNNNNNN A- 10 to fly! She is super duper stable and the performance is awesome! Looks are amazing with the retractable landing gears tucked away! Made of super durable EPO foam construction! All the spare parts are available! This is a great way to get into EDF RC Jets! [...]

F-16 Fighting Falcon 360 Degree Vector! Super Scale RC EDF JET Flight Review in HD! This is the MOST AWESOME and MOST SCALE F-16 Falcon I have ever flown! We at Banana Hobby are the first to have a 70mm SUPER SCALE F-16 Falcon to offer a FULL 360 Degree THRUST VECTORING SYSTEM! Capable of the most awesome aerobatics and SUPER High Alpha flight! Super Aerobatic Still Super Stable! [...]

SU-47 Berkut Twin EDF 360 Degree RC JET Flight REVIEW in HD! This is the ONLY SU-47 Berkut on the market that offers AWESOME Flight performance and 360 Degree Thrust Vectoring! The flight perforamnce is AMAZING! Some of the most impressive aerobatics ever! The forward swept wing offers great stability as well! This SU-47 is made by BlitzRCworks in conjunction with LX Models~! ONLY available at [...]

P-38 Lightning RC Warbird! Flight Review in HD! Banana Hobby! This is the ULTIMATE in Radio Control Warbirds! The P-38 Lightning is legendary! Banana Hobby and BlitzRCworks have brought to you the BEST P-38 EVER! At a GREAT price! Made of extremely crash resistant EPO Foam! The scale appearance is awesome! This is one TWIN brushless motor powered Warbird that demands attention! The flight [...]

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