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New Product – F-14 TOMCAT Swing Wing Dual 60mmEDF! By Starmax/SkyRC/Blitz!

Posted on | June 16, 2009 | No Comments

Hello Pilots! I am very proud to introduce FINALLY the combination of work by Starmax, SkyRC, and BiltzRCworks (Blitz located in good ole US of A) the legendary F-14 Tomcat! This is a b…b….beautiful scaled down RC F-14 Tomcat! From the days of Top Gun to good time air shows in my child hood at Miramar Naval Air Station! I was that kid that watched Top Gun about 2000 times and will never get sick of it! For me to be a part of the first Swing Wing F-14 Tomcat in the twin 60mm EDF field is nothing more than priceless to me. This F-14 brings back all kinds of nostalgic memories! Okay on the the F-14! It is a combination of companies of SkyRC, Starmax and Blitz that we are able to finally be able to bring this RC model to reality! For the past 2 weeks, I have been testing and tuning this beautiful F-14. She has a full operational swing wing that runs on a single standard size High Torque servo. You can opt to have the wings operating on your Aux switch, Gear switch, rotary switch or any slider switch on computer radios. On the supplied radio, it will be operating on 2.4 and the swing wings will be on an Aux switch. In my testing I have been using my JR9303 running the wings on mixing with my right slider. You can control each position of the wings from fully open to full retracted. And oh my gosh she is so sexy with the wings fully retracted! She will be available with a mechanical Air Retract system or a fixed gear system. I am still in the process of the testing of the entire aircraft. I have 2 flights under her wings and they were flawless flights with minor testing for the retracts, wings, throws, and CG. Once I can get to the field again I will of course make Video my priority.

My test prototype is assembled stock and flown stock.

Wingspan Retracted: 28″
Wingspan Full Open: 44″
Length: 43.5″
11.1V 3S 3200mah
Twin 60mm EDF
Twin 5000kv Brushless Inrunners
Two 40 amp ESC with heat sink
8amp External BEC
Stock Air Retracts and components

Flies on Taileron/Elevon Mixing. Full Flying Stabs
Steerable Nose Wheel

Colors Available:

Jolly Rogers USS Nimitz VF-84 Squadron
Black Knight
Black Bunny

Packages available:

RTF (Ready to Fly with retracts or fixed gear) WITH 2.4ghz Radio System
PnP (Plug N ‘ Play)
ARF (Airframe Only)

These are the most current details I have to offer. We may ad a BNF Bind and Fly version as well. More photos in the other 2 versions will be posted as soon as I can assemble them.

These are in completion production and we have an ETA to Banana Hobby late July to Early August. Please take note that Banana Hobby will be the sole US holder in distribution of these F-14 Tomcats. Please also check our site for any updates. When it appears on our site, there will be a pre order discount available.

Please also chime in and let me know your favorite versions and colors. We are still exploring in that area.

Everyone, please feel free to ask any questions. Again, please try and keep this thread positive. Enjoy the photos!

Banana Hobby

F-14 TOMCAT!!! “Ghostrider, the pattern is Full!”


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